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Our Story

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The beginning

Like so many businesses, Pinnacle was founded because the market did not offer what consumers deserved. My wife, Jessica Lacey, and I wanted to find something natural and healthier to help our daughter, Mackenzie, with her epilepsy. This was late 2015, and CBD was starting to get some buzz. We tried several brands with her and at our retail store. The feedback was not great. Listening to people’s feedback was really discouraging. I began to wonder if this was really just a snake oil and the next little fad. Maybe this wasn’t going to help Mackenzie or anyone for that matter. That’s when I met Steve. Steve taught me why so many brands don’t work. This is when I fully understood the power of the entourage effect. We went over genetics to terpenes. This is what makes the most powerful HEMP product. I spent months learning as much as I could. Even to this day, there is still so much humans don’t know about the real power of the hemp plant. After getting the right farmer, the best genetics and the least damaging extraction method, we manufactured it into an amazing finished product. We had a product that could help all kinds of people. With a variety of cannabinoids to help everyone. Now we had the product and it was time to go help the world.


Pinnacle products can be found across the US and in several other countries. We have full spectrum Pinnacle Hemp, as well as two other lines to help those who aren’t looking for full spectrum products. Everyday we still receive the most amazing stories and testimonies from our customers. I can not describe what these stories mean to me. They are what has powered this company through the ups and downs and has kept our drive alive. The fact that a plant oil, plus a great deal of education, has changed the lives of so many people is beyond inspiring. We have also received some of the most amazing testimonies from store owners along the way. Stores who thought all hope was lost and are now thriving. We promise to keep innovating, educating and making the best hempful products possible.

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